Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


To prepare graduate-trained and expert dietitians and academicians who can identify individual and social problems related to nutrition; analyze and suggest solutions and develop necessary nutrition policies; counsel individuals on food selection and nutrition based on physiological, psychological, socio-cultural and economic conditions; provide nutrition education to promote health and prevent diseases; be able to create the necessary infrastructure for effective dietary factors in treatment; have knowledge and skills to follow and interpret the scientific literatüre; plan and conduct interdisciplinary or independent projects and studies and act in accordance with professional ethical rules.


Is to be a leading postgraduate education and research unit that can educate qualified and competent dietitians and academics, who is people-oriented; closely following the developments in the field of health, with the aim of creating plans, programs and policies that should be implemented for the maintenance and development of health, the treatment and prevention of nutrition-related diseases based on the principle of individual difference for each age group in the society; recognized at national and international level; keeping up with the developments and the technology and providing added value and participation in social development.

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