Midwifery Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


To become a nationally and internationally recognized and preferred program by training expert midwives who stand out with their knowledge, skills, ethical values, openness to innovation, research, creativity, leadership and holistic understanding.


To train specialist midwives; who contributing to the protection, promotion and maintenance of the health of women, pregnants, puerperant women, newborns, 0-6 years old children and society by using their professional knowledge, skills and values; who providing quality midwifery services that contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems of the individuals they serve; who providing evidence-based service by accessing up-to-date scientific information; who able to conduct education and research using technologies in the field of health; who respecting ethical values; who  compatible with  teamwork and able to highlight their presence in the team, and thus contributing to the strengthening of the midwifery profession.

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