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Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Degree - About


Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program includes subjects related to 4 different sub-disciplines, namely "Nutrition Sciences", "Diettics", "Community Nutrition Systems" and "Community Nutrition", as well as subjects related to science branches such as biochemistry, physiology and psychology. In addition to the compulsory courses during the education process, students can choose different courses in line with the guidance of their advisors. The aim of the Nutrition and Dietetics master's program is to provide advanced education in the field of nutrition and dietetics for the protection, improvement, development and increase of life quality of the society throughout life, and to train dietitians who are experts in their fields who can follow academic studies and conduct multidisciplinary studies. To this end, within the body of T.C. Üsküdar University Health Sciences Graduate School, Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program was opened to start its education in the 2020-2021 fall semester.

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