Occupational Therapy Master's Degree - Application and Fees

2022-2023 Fall Semester online application date: 06.06.2022 Monday

 Application Deadline: 
Thursday, 04.08.2022


               1. Science Exam: 20.07.2022 Wednesday, Time: 11:00

               2. Science Exam: 05.08.2022 Friday, Time: 11:00

Exam Place: Çarşı Campus

NOTE: Candidates can take any of the Science Exams they want.

Announcement Date of Results: 11.08.2022 Thursday

 Final Registration Dates for the Main List: 11.08.2022 -22.08.2022

Final Registration Dates for the Reserve List: 
23.08.2022 -02.09.2022

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Dear candidate students;

In the Fall semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year, a science exam will be held in our Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Programs;

1) In our thesis programs, 50% of ALES in numerical score type, 30% of science exam, 20% of undergraduate graduation grade point average.

2) In non-thesis programs, 50% of the undergraduate graduation grade and 50% of the science exam will be evaluated.

The applications of the candidates who do not apply online, do not graduate during the application, and do not upload their ALES document and their identity information to the application system will be deemed invalid.

Special Conditions for Candidates

-Graduates of the four-year Occupational Therapy department of the Faculty of Health Sciences can appley to the Occupational Therapy Thesis/Non-Thesis Master’s Program.

-Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation degrees can apply to the Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy, provided that they take the Scientific Preparation course listed below.

Applicants will be selected in order of success.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Graduates will be able to apply with training on scientific preparation.

Scientific Preparation Courses

Fall Semester:

ERG125 Introduction to Occupational Therapy

ERG241 Activities of Daily Living

Spring semester:

ERG368 Models of Approaches to Psychiatric Disorders

ERG364 Vocational Rehabilitation

-Applicants will be selected in order of success.

Documents Requested During Final Registration

-Original or certified copy of undergraduate diploma

-Original or certified copy of undergraduate transcript

-ALES result document (at least 55 points)

-copy of identity card

-portrait (2 pieces)



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