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Graduate School  of Health Sciences 

Health Informatics Thesis / Non-Thesis Master's Degree Programme

The field of Health Informatics has a significant contribution to the clinical decision making and treatment processes of medical devices, data collection and data analysis methods developed especially in recent years. The necessity of revealing both the significance of the information and the high resolution size of the medical data brings the need for data processing and analysis methods.

Nowadays, processing of the data, which are obtained by different imaging methods via Electroencephalography (EEG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT), Mammography etc. from many patients, through the methods such as signal processing, noise removal, feature extraction, modeling, principal component analysis and generating clinically meaningful results have made health professionals necessary to be trained.

With the widespread interdisciplinary studies in recent years, both the basic sciences and the engineering sciences have made considerable contributions to the data in health field, and also they have contributed significantly to the literature by both the clinical diagnosis processes and the studies of prediction for treatment outcomes. Particularly the developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning have played an important role in assessing data-intensive knowledge in the field of healthcare. Thanks to the human power to be trained in the field of health informatics, it will be possible to enhance applications which will contribute to the development of the future or current situation with the estimated applications of both diagnosis and treatment. Many projects, academic studies and physical products, already completed and conducted in the field of Health Informatics, highlight the importance of requirement in this field. By analyzing the data obtained by the researchers in different disciplines via the medical imaging methods in Health Informatics Thesis Master's Programme, it will be possible to implement highly valuable processes such as effective and rapid diagnosis and prediction for treatment outcomes, classification, biological marker presentation by the professionals in the field. The programme will not only provide a sub-branch specialization but also provide candidates, who have a degree of expertise, an academic development in their specialized areas adjacent to Health Informatics. Moreover, the bachelors of basic sciences, engineering, medicine or health sciences who plan to pursue an academic career in the field of Health Informatics can also benefit from the programme.  The "Health Informatics  Master’s Degree Programme", which we propose to start, aims to increase the information competences of the health personnel trained in our country, and to decrease the external dependency in this area, and to educate human resources that might contribute to the added-value projects, research and development studies.

Health Informatics Master's Degree Programme is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to gain awareness about the studies being carried out in the world under the title of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, to initiate and conduct modular and intelligent systems in development processes that will contribute to the national economy, to provide a basis for university and industry collaborations and entrepreneur youngers in the process of leading to accelerators and academic studies. 

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