Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master's Degree - About

Graduate School of Health Sciences Graduate Program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which can be practiced in many areas of medicine, has been born with the aim of reducing the functional losses of the disabled population caused by wars, accidents and child pandemic epidemics, and has reached to the presently popular position through many stages. The present and future needs of societies, which are increasingly inactive due to the developing technology in the world and our country, make the development of the physiotherapist profession inevitable.

The fact that there are not enough academicians and specialized physiotherapists as well as quality and competent undergraduate physiotherapy rehabilitation learning to plan the future of our country's health education policies has led us to open a postgraduate training program in our university.

The main aims of our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Graduate Program are:

  • To deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge learned during the four-year undergraduate education,
  • To learn the bases of scientific research and evidence-based practices,
  • To be able to use the clinical information in different situations in a unique way and to gain the ability to develop different physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques,
  • To learn how to research and acquire knowledge in professional matters, to offer information, to disseminate knowledge, to develop knowledge and to discuss it.

The aim of our program is to teach graduates of undergraduate physiotherapy some special physiotherapy and rehabilitation approaches in international standards, to teach and consolidate the knowledge base of solid scientific foundations, to give the concept of physiotherapist for research, to give graduates who know and apply the evaluation rules, to train specialist physiotherapists who apply new methods in the thesis they are doing and research the results that affect the clinical rehabilitation programs. Thus, this program will be the first step of breeding a faculty member needed by universities and research centers at the same time.

In recent years, the need for both clinical and academic field physiotherapists have increased significantly and will continue to increase. Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Scientific, excellence in education, respect for human beings and tissues, team work, commitment to ethical values, quality and values in communication with participation have been adopted.

Why are we different?

We can answer this question in two main sections:

First, we are curious. We constantly improve and renew ourselves. We are conducting seminars in clinics on new approaches two days a week. In addition, we convey the most up-to-date information to our students in the most pleasant way.

Üsküdar University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department has the first and only training and practice clinic in Turkey, the third of which is in several universities in Turkey. There are many clinics and non-university branches in the clinic. In this way, our students will be able to recognize the groups of diseases they can see more frequently and rarely and start their professions in a more advantageous position than other colleagues after graduation. There are 8 different branches in the first stage:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation,

Sports Rehabilitation,

Neurological Rehabilitation,

Spine Health and Rehabilitation,

Oral-Motor Rehabilitation,

Hand Rehabilitation,

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation,

Lymph Drainage Massage

Exercise Training Clinic

Within a short period of time, new branches will be added, such as Pediatric Rehabilitation, Orthotics-Prosthesis Rehabilitation, and Special Technology Production Center in Rehabilitation. In all the above-mentioned branches, our students can evaluate and treat patients with new methods under the supervision and leadership of university lecturers.

Many state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date equipment such as (COSMED QUARD CPET), isokinetic muscle assessment and training device (ISOMED-2000) and exercise station LifeFitness Synergy 360 XM, which are not even in large public universities and hospitals, are available in our clinic.

Our graduate students will write scientific papers in the first and second semester in this clinic with the research they will carry out during "Clinical Study" courses. When the semester is completed, there is still opportunity to perform theses in our clinic.

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