Graduate School of Health Sciences - Uskudar University Manager Message

“Science and art leave a county where they are not appreciated.” 
İbn-i Sina (Avicenna) 

Our graduate-school was established in 2011 with aim to contribute technological, academic, economic, social and cultural field with its postgraduate studies of Üsküdar University that is first thematic university of Türkiye in the field of behavior sciences and health. Fundamentally, our graduate-school aims to raise researchers who will contribute to science in national and international level, who have original and scientific thinking, confidence and vision and who are competent in their field.

Diagnosis and treatment processes of diseases also transform into processes in favor of patients with developing technology, data collection and analysis methods.  The goal of the Graduate School of Health Sciences is that personnel in health sector are raised as specialists who can generate constantly sources for health institutions, who are equipped with technology and information, and who can adapt to today’s developing conditions in this rapid transformation process.

Our graduate-school contributes with 15 postgraduate program and 9 doctorate programs to the field of health sciences in parallel to these objectives and it will continue to contribute to the field with new programs in line with the demands.

Our students within the graduate-school have opportunity to receive education not only in Türkiye but also in the foreign universities that we have agreement with NP İstanbul Brain Hospital that is the second Brain Hospital in Europe and international cooperation. As Üsküdar University Graduate School of Health Sciences, we believe that we will raise scientists of future and will contribute that our country will reach the competitive vision in future with breakthroughs in the health field with its high-quality academic staff and we are waiting you to have you hear within this process.

With my respect and greetings,
Prof. Dr. Türker Tekin Ergüzel

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