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Institute of Health Sciences

Postgraduate education at the Granduate School of Health Sciences is conducted in accordance with the aims and principles of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and published in the Official Gazette dated 08.01.2014 and numbered 28876 based on the provisions of the "Organization and Operation Regulations of Graduate Education Institutions and Regulations for Graduate Education" "Üsküdar University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations".

The Graduate School of Health Sciences aims to educate qualified and competent scientists and experts who are highly respected, creative and universal in national and international level, using the experience and knowledge of the university's faculty of behavioral and health sciences.

Graduate Programs of the Granduate School of Health Sciences are;

Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Nutrition and Dietetics (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Child Development (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Language and Speech Disorders Therapy (Thesis) Graduate Program

Midwifery (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Occupational Therapy (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Nursing (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Psychiatric Nursing

Women's Health and Illness Nursing

Child Health and Disease Nursing

Internal Medicine Nursing

Community Mental Health Nursing (Non-Thesis)

Occupational Health and Safety (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Neuroscience (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Neuroscience (English - Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Perfusion (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Health Informatics (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Health Management (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

Social Work (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program


Health Management


Molecular Neuroscience

Language and Speech Therapy


Clinical Anatomy


The courses are conducted theoretically and practically at the Granduate School of Health Sciences. In addition to the subject courses, our students can take courses from the programs of the Granduate School of Health Sciences and other graduate-schools when necessary. The classrooms are technologically advanced, and the students have access to all kinds of information directly and online from the university library for their course and thesis studies. In the graduate-school, by the 2022-2023 academic year and fall semester we have 1640 students.

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