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Midwifery Master's Degree - About


Midwifery Master's Degree

The Midwifery Master's Program  which accepts midwives graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Midwifery Departments of Health Schools  aims to train qualified midwives who have comprehensive   professional knowledge inclined to acquire new information, have  analytic and critical thinking skills, and can transfer evidence-based practices to working life,   and also who can  provide quality and holistic midwifery care for promotion, protection and improvement of the health of the whole society, especially women of reproductive age, pregnant women, healthy newborns and 0-6 years old children. 

In Turkey, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in midwifery started quite late. For this reason, the number of midwives with master's and doctorate degrees working in health institutions is extremely low. However, midwives specialized in midwifery are needed in order to provide high quality service. In addition it is aimed that the students participating in the Midwifery Master's Program will not only transfer their new scientific knowledge into practice, but also acquire new research knowledge and skills, produce new scientific knowledge and thus contribute to increasing the quality of midwifery services.

In addition, although many universities have departments providing undergraduate education in midwifery, the number of midwife academics is extremely limited. With the Midwifery Master's program, it is aimed to train specialist clinicians and academician midwives and to contribute to closing the gap in this field..

Cesarean section rates are high in our country and the inadequacy of pregnant education has an important cause of this. With specialist midwives who understand the importance of pregnancy education, have a good command of education principles and methods and have the potential to create change in people, it can be ensured that the education of pregnant women is disseminated, and that the mental health as well as the physical health of women can be protected, developed and maintained during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum periods. Thus, it can contribute to achieve the goal of healthy newborns and children.

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