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Social Work Master's Degree - About

Graduate School of Health Sciences Social Work (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Graduate Program

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people in need of social services due to urbanization and the increase in social problems accompanying it. Accordingly, the expansion of the social services area has significantly increased the need for social service/social work profession. Because of increasing demand for qualified and educated personnel in the field of social services, social service/study training in the field has begun to become widespread. Due to the increase in the number of social service schools in parallel to the field, the need for academic staff is also felt seriously.

The need for education and qualified social service professional staff at the undergraduate level is to be met by social service undergraduate programs, which are 25 in number in Turkey today. As of the end of 2012, the social services department have been established in a total of 45 universities, but due to the inadequate number of teaching staff, education did not start in 20 departments.

The need for increased staff is not limited to social workers/social worker professionals who will only work at the undergraduate level. The need for specialized personnel in the areas of social problems (social assistance, alternative childcare protection services, juvenile trafficked children, child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, etc.) will increase with graduate education.  The number of academicians currently in the field of social services cannot meet the academic staff needs of the social services departments. Üsküdar University Social Work Master's Program is considered to make an important contribution to meeting all these needs. Moreover, it is thought that the graduate program of social work is a candidate for successful academic studies since Üsküdar University, which is centrally located in a gigantic city such as Istanbul, has a serious advantage in terms of access to problem areas, research and business associations.

Social Service Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Program:

The social services thesis/non-thesis graduate programs, which are opened in the Üsküdar University Health Sciences Graduate School, will provide the following contributions;

  • To contribute to fulfilling the need for manpower in the field of social services, which will work in specific areas requiring expertise, to be able to engage in effective social service/work intervention,
  • To ensure that employees in the field of social services acquire professional knowledge and skills and to renew their knowledge of the profession,
  • To meet the need for compulsory graduate level education of "supervisors" who supervise and guide students through social service/social work practice students or inexperienced social service specialists / social workers.

Purpose of the Social Work Graduate Program:

The social Service Master's program aims to increase the number of qualified specialists in the field of social services, which is one of the most important areas of today and the future. Besides, working in the field of social services in the world of science; it aims to provide sensitive and visionary academicians to the needs of the country and society.

The Department of Social Services Master's degree program;

Those who have completed the four-year undergraduate programs of the universities and those that meet the conditions of the Üsküdar University Postgraduate Education and Training Regulations can apply. Students who graduate from undergraduate departments outside of the social service field are required to take courses approved by the department from the social work license program in the context of scientific preparation. In this way, it is thought that students will receive basic social service knowledge and support their academic development in social service/work profession.

Language of Education: Turkish

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