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Graduate School of Health Sciences - Uskudar University Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance Policy

-To create an ecosystem in which entrepreneurship and industry-university cooperation will play an active role by taking advantage of the young and researcher potential of our country,

-Developing tools and developing new organizations to present new inventions and patents produced at the university to the service of society,

-To apply the latest and advanced methods and techniques in education and training, to subject all lecturers to in-service training to learn and apply the changes in technology,

- To disseminate education, research and practices with an interdisciplinary approach,

-Through the seminars, conferences and workshops of the students, primarily professionals in the field; to ensure that they are in the same environment with successful business and scientists,

-To encourage and support students' clubs, events and organizations,

Our Values

-The basic values we adopt in line with our quality policy;

-Respecting all human values,

-Producing added value and contributing to regional and national development within the framework of R&D focuses,

- Adhering to universal law, national laws, universal and scientific values,

-Open to change and innovation,

- Supporting the European Union accession process without losing the basic values for Turkey to reach the level of contemporary civilizations,

We ensure and continuously improve the job satisfaction of its scientific and administrative staff.

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