Graduate School of Health Sciences - Uskudar University Quality Assurance System

Quality Policy

To create an ecosystem in which entrepreneurship and industry-university cooperation will play an active role by utilizing the young and researcher potential of our country,
-Developing tools and developing new organizations to make new inventions and patents produced at the University available to society,
To apply the latest and advanced methods and techniques in education and training, to subject all teaching staff to in-service training to learn and apply changes in technology,
-To disseminate education, research and practices carried out with an interdisciplinary approach,
-To ensure that students are in the same environment with successful business and scientists, primarily professionals in their field, through seminars, conferences and workshops,
-To encourage and support students' clubs, activities and organizations,

Core Values

* Providing high quality education, reliable, authentic and innovative,
* Taking responsibility for sustainable development and positive change,
* Embracing participation, diversity and pluralism
* Producing, researching, discovering, inspiring,
* Respectful to nature and the environment,
* Seeks, expresses and accounts for the truth with the principle of justice,
* A university that promotes well-being with the priority of mental health and works with the ideal of a better future for family and society

Our Stakeholders:

Our Internal Stakeholders: 
Graduate Students, Academic Staff, Administrative Staff, NP Istanbul Brain Hospital

External Stakeholders: 
Graduate Students, Ministries and Public Institutions, Private Sector, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations, TUBITAK and Related Professional Chambers

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