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Graduate School of Health Sciences - Uskudar University Student Handbook

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Neuroscience (English) Master Program Forms
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sbe-thesis-advisor-appointment-form NÖROBİLİM.pdf
Neuroscience Msc Student Guide 2022 Final.pdf

Other Program Forms
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BrainPark Technology Transfer Office

BrainPark Technology Transfer Office, which serves in Üsküdar University Research and Development and Innovation Policies (ARGEYEP) Directorate, announcements about programs open for application such as TUBITAK, ISTKA, TUSEB, KOSGEB, GSB, announcements about graduate scholarship programs and awards, collaborations and calls for projects can be found at the link below.


Üsküdar University Alumni Information System

With Üsküdar University Alumni Information System, it is aimed to establish more effective communication with our students who graduated from our graduate programs, to enable our graduates to maintain their communication with each other and with the university, and to maintain the strong bond between our University and our Institute and our graduates. You can access the alumni information system from the link below.


Üsküdar University Library

Üsküdar University Libraries aim to provide all kinds of library resources that students, academic and administrative staff need in line with their academic studies and to put them into service with up-to-date technical facilities. The books in our libraries are classified according to the “Library of Congress Classification System” in an open shelf arrangement. All printed resources in the library collection can be scanned through the library catalog.

You can find information about the trainings provided by our library and all the resources you can use in your academic studies from the link below.


Continuing Education Application and Research Center

Our university offers courses and trainings on various subjects at the Continuing Education Application and Research Center. The courses to be opened are diversified in line with the demands of our students using the request form. You can reach the Continuing Education Application and Research Center from the link below.


Education Request Form: 


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