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Short CV

She was born in 1976 in Istanbul. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul; she completed his undergraduate studies at Selcuk University Kindergarten Teaching (2000). She completed her master's degree in Turkish Language and Literature (Fatih University-2003), Child Development and Education (Selçuk University-2004) and Neuroscience (Üsküdar University, 2022). She has published many articles in the field of Children's Education and Literature and edited many books in this field. She continues his doctorate education in the field of Turkish Education at Marmara University. 
She loved and continued to love children (all children with different genetic code, gender, eye color, clothes, economic status, interests, wishes, dreams), literature, drawing, writing, music, and telling from the days when she vaguely remembered.
Taş Tales, which has six books she wrote with her husband, in 2016, and children's games that she has compiled since university years, from Erdem Publishing in 2020 with the name Her Yerde Oyun; her tales, which she also wrote with her husband, were published by Beyazbulut Publishing in 2021 under the name Bu Bir Masal Mı.
Özkan, who worked at Erdem Publications between 2007-2019 and gave lectures at various universities, has been working at Üsküdar University Child Development Department since 2019. She is also a consultant, educator and narrator teacher at the Provincial Directorate of National Education, Istanbul Fairy Tale School.

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