Medical Genetics Doctorate Degree(PhD) - Mission and Vision


The mission of Üsküdar University Medical Genetics Doctoral Program is to raise students who synthesize theoretical knowledge and practical application in genetic science, are committed to ethical values, are innovative and socially responsible. Our program teaches students basic genetic principles, molecular mechanisms and cutting-edge technologies, while also allowing our students to develop research skills and gain experience with clinical applications. Our graduates, who are well-trained and academically disciplined in this field, will follow the latest developments in the field of genetics and play leading roles in unraveling the genetic basis of diseases, assessing disease risk and contributing to the health management of individuals.


Üsküdar University Medical Genetics PhD Program aims to train leading experts who revolutionize the field of health by bringing together pioneering research and clinical practices in genetic science. Our program will play a leading role in advancing genetic science, better understanding diseases and developing personalized treatments.

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