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About the Occupational Therapy Master’s Program

Among the Foundation Universities in Turkey, both the Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Program and the Occupational Therapy Postgraduate Program were first opened in Üsküdar University.

The scope of te program is related to educating experts who can conduct scientific research in the new and developing Occupational Therapy Department, which is expected to work effectively in many fields in the future and its aim to follow and implement all the World-class occupational therapy innovations.

We Train Experts Who Can Produce Scientific Research

This program is a life-long learning program that can gain knowledge and skills in the field of occupational therapy for all disadvantaged people with functional performance, disability and social exclusion, develop new research, work with different professionals, develop effective communication and research skills and gain knowledge and skills in the field of evidence based scientific work. Adopting the principles of occupational therapy fort he disabled, able to develop occupational therapy activities suitable fort he disabled, adopting the principles of organization and Professional development of occupational therapy services, synthesizing information about facilitating the accessible and adaptable environment for people with disabilities and making Professional judgments, accessibility for social participation, functional analysis of human movements, assistive technology. Experts who can produce scientific orientation and research for the functional development and quality of life of the elderly are trained.

In order to meet the increasing rehabilitation needs, the occupational therapy master’s program aims to train specialist occupational therapists who understand, interpret and appley the occupational therapy paradigm and produce solutions in the field of rehabilitation in the light of this information, by birnging together students from occupational therapy of different disciplines.

Occupational Therapy Master’s Program is an important step for undergraduate students to specialize in the scientific field and to continue their dostoral programs. Occupational Therapy has the potential to work in every field due to its Professional natüre and needs of the person.

We Provide Interdisciplinary Thinking Environment With Thesis And Non-Thesis Master’s Program

In addition to teaching occupational therapy paradigms and models; One of the primary aims of the program is to develop evidence-based scientific tihnking and to provide students with research skills. Occupational Therapy (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Master’s Program aims to produce new knowledge and solutions in rehabilitation by providing an ,nterdisciplinary environment of original thought.

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