Physiology Doctorate Degree (PhD) - Academic Staff

Prof. 5 Total 5

Halis KÖYLÜ, MD Professor

Faculty of Medicine / Head of Physiology Department / FHS - Head of Perfusion Department


Sadettin ÇALIŞKAN, Ph.D Professor

Faculty of Medicine / Department of Physiology


Deniz DEMİRCİ, Ph.D Professor

Head of Department / Physical therapy and rehabilitation-Head of Resarch Center /ÜSFİZYOTEM-Student Adviser /100 -150 Students-Coordinator /Erasmus Department Coordinatorship


İbrahim ÖZTEK, MD Professor

Faculty of Medicine / Head of Medical Pathology Department


İ. Tayfun UZBAY, Ph.D Professor

Advisor to President / Faculty of Medicine / Head of Internal Medicine Department - Head of Medical Pharmacology Department / NPFUAM Director

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