Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Seminars

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Seminars

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Surface Modified Titanium Biomaterials for Hard Tissue Applications

07 April 2023, Friday – 14.00

Zoom: https://uskudar-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/93938196731

Keynote Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Sakip Önder

Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Electrical & Electronics, Biomedical Engineering


Tumor Immune Microenvironment (TIME) to Predict Immunotherapy Response in Melanoma

26 May 2023 – 17.30

Zoom: https://uskudar-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/92751046493

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Suhendan Ekmekçioğlu

The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology


Human Papillomavirus İnduced Skin Cancer

02 June 2023 – 14.00

Zoom: https://uskudar-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/92096673816

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Baki Akgül

Institute of Virology, University of Cologne