Corporate Relations

Corporate Communications Directorate determines the mission, vision and quality policy of Üsküdar University and the determination of the whole corporate communication strategy in line with its corporate values, carries out the activities of providing the organization in-house and out-of-organization.

Within this context, Corporate Communications Directorate attends publicity fairs to tell our university candidates about the most accurate way of university, and hosts high school in our university campuses.

Corporate Communication serves with the social responsibility projects, education, education and training to bridge the academicians and experts with the candidate students and to complete their personal development in line with their needs in seminars and panels.

In order to ensure that candidate students make the right decisions during their selection period and organizes specialist consultants, individual preference studies, and professional organizations by the Career Choice seminars. Also develops projects for the target group and social stakeholders.

It provides the necessary coordination within all the units in the university. Corporate Communication manages the presentation to the public on behalf of the university including catalog, advertising, organization, social media management, identity creation studies.