The Purpose of Construction and Technical Directorate;

Coordinates the construction, survey, project, technical maintenance and repair, construction supervision and site research of our university as they are organized in a healthy manner, the daily services are carried out and the result is achieved.

Duties and Responsibilities;

  • Coordinate the projecting works of buildings and facilities in the direction of the development of our university,
  • Prepare feasibility reports for all kinds of works requiring technical examination and projecting,
  • Prepare and finalize the tender dossiers,
  • Make the technical control of the tendered Works and organize the entitlements,
  • Carry out the maintenance and repair works of the buildings and provide the management and administration of the technical personnel,
  • Determine all kinds of infrastructure needs and carry out studies to ensure uninterrupted supply,
  • Prepare, present and follow the university's investment budget,
  • Monitor and follow up all malfunctions in the operation of buildings and facilities.