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NEUROBIOFEEDBACK USER ASSISTANT: To give the individual the ability to control cognitive and behavioral physiology by being brought into a state of consciousness by means of a vehicle-assisted monitoring of normal and abnormal bioelectrical responses in his brain, which he does not consciously understand.

With biofeedback, individuals learn to control their bodily reactions, which are troubling them. With the electrodes attached to the fingertips, the muscle resistance, the skin temperature, the heart rate is observed, the correct difference and the work is done to regulate the faulty one. With the respirations biofeedback, we learn to breathe correctly with the diaphragm belt, correcting improper breathing, loosening the muscles in the tense areas of the muscles using EMG biofeedback, and the relaxation of the images and data is taught. The work done with the apparatuses used for vaginismus provides analysis of vaginismus.

If the feedback pulse, skin temperature, muscular resistance, as well as physiologically featured biofeedback, is related to brain bio electrical activity, neurofeedback is called neurobiofeedback when both feedbacks can be applied together.

Technically Neurofeedback is basically an EEG system. It is functionally intended for regional "training" purpose. In QEEG, the area determined exhibiting a different bioelectric activity region is determined. Electrodes are attached to this region. By means of a pod system, bioelectric activation in the detected region is monetarized. Computer controlled bioelectric data records are automatically filtered. This recorded activity is stored and analyzed. This results in graphs that both reflect the bioelectric activity at that time and enhance comparative performance evaluation and visual feedback between sessions. Regulatory studies are done.

Neurobiofeedback is a system for strengthening the ability to learn and use the mechanisms of coping with stressors, which are used to relieve autogenously the brain that is tired in today's fast and stressful daily life. It is a system of availability to strengthen the protection and coping mechanisms from mental illnesses that may arise due to stress and stress-based reasons.

Biofeedback is a technique that not only controls this indicator by raising awareness of one's physical symptoms of stress, but also helps to learn to relax and relax psychologically in a sense. Neuro-biofeedback (Neuro-biofeedback), one of the most effective methods developed for this purpose, allows brain waves to be observed along with the feedback of somatic reactions in the computer environment and it is possible to use them as a feedback tool. With this technique applied within the psychotherapy process, the person is given the ability to control stress. Stress: This technique is important as a drug-free method of giving individuals the ability to stay calm in a stressful environment. This practice, which implies technological intervention of thought, provides an internal disciplinary structure in which the personal goal orientation and learning strategies are formed and their effects on the continuity and discipline in the implementation process are extremely positive.

Neurofeedback training teaches the person the specific brain waves of the situation, teaching them how to provide the transition with the use of willpower. The trainee can control the brain activities according to the reaction required by the current situation and provide the situational physiological balance. Neurofeedback makes the brain more flexible and effective on the entire nervous system. The meaning is quite impressive. Educating the brain to lift its irregularity from the middle will not only affect the nervous system, but positive effects on heart, blood vessels, digestion, hormonal system and immune systems.

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