Advanced Protein Analysis Laboratory

The Advanced Protein Analysis Laboratory, established by the Istanbul Development Agency, aims to enable researchers to develop products and services that will contribute to the industry through their experimental work. In our laboratory, microbiology researches are being carried out and these studies are planned to provide industrial contribution with the products obtained both in literature and with new knowledge as well as inventions.

Device Type

Device Number

Freeze Dryer / Gyrozen


-20 Deepfreeze

Rapid Protein Liquid Chromatography / AKTA pure


CO2 Incubator / Nuve EC 160


Spectrophotometer / Shimadzu UV-2600


+4 Refrigerator


Micropipette set / Eppendorf


Tunç ÇATAL, Ph.D
Professor of Molecular Biology-Genetics&Biotechnology

Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) - Head of Department / FBE Biotechnology Master's Program - Head of Department / Promer Director

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Tunç ÇATAL / (0216) 400 22 22 : 2417
Burak Aliosman KILINÇ,

Özgeçmiş Burak Aliosman KILINÇ / (0216) 400 2222