Food Technology Laboratory

Food is one of the indispensable elements for a healthy life and it must have certain qualifications to provide the expected benefits.  Basic food analysis and methods carried out in the Food Technology Laboratory in terms of food safety and inspection, has great importance regarding this matter.
The majority of basic analysis for nutrients is carried out in the Üsküdar University Food Technology Laboratory.

Food Technology Laboratory Equipment

  • Dry Matter (Moisture) Determination Device
  • Ash Determination Device
  • pH Analysis Device
  • Extraction Systems
  • Titration Mechanism
  • Gerber Centrifuge
  • Distilled Water Device

There is necessary infrastructure to carry out all sorts of analysis to determine basic qualifications of the nutrition within the Üsküdar University Food Technology Laboratory.

Qualities that a Food Technology Laboratory Technician must have

Definition: a Food Technician is an assisting personnel who carries out physical, chemical, physiological and microbiological analysis and interprets the data during processes from food manufacture according to health conditions, packaging, storing to transporting to the final consumer.

  • All applications in the field of food Technologies can be carried out under the suitable conditions to its technique. 
  • They have necessary competence in using the equipment within the laboratory.
  • They carry out analysis using different methods in the laboratory. They evaluate the data, report and submits to the authority. They obtain statistical information as a result.
  • They have necessary information and knowledge on topics such as storing conditions, heat, moisture, inert atmosphere and provides optimum storing conditions for each product.
  • They take food samples to control suitability for health and its quality
  • They make physical, chemical and microbiological controls of the food. They can food hygiene and sanitization.

This laboratory is used by the departments listed below:
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Device Type

Device Number

Flasks with Sockets


Milk Butyrometer

Porcelain Crucible

Vacuum Desiccator

Automatic Pipette

Test Tubes



Petri Dishes

Graduated Cylinder

Sensitive Scale




pH Meter and Magnetic Stirrer


Distilled Water Device






Muffle Furnace


Laboratory Hot Water Bath


Fume Hood


Salih TUNCAY, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

VSHS / Food Technology -Head of Program/ Scientific Research Projects (BAP/SRP) Coordinator

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Salih TUNCAY / (0216) 400 22 22 : 5084