Power and Machines Laboratory

Students who will graduate from our Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering must be competent and sufficiently equipped to play an active role in researching the problems and solution methods encountered in Energy, Power Systems and Electrical Machinery applications in the Industry. For this reason, it is important to assimilate Power Systems and Electrical Machines courses and laboratory applications among the courses they study. We also attach importance to the fact that our graduates carry out advanced projects in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the institutions where they will work, and that they are trained to provide feedback to our university. For this reason, it is aimed for the students who will graduate to make the Power Systems and Electrical Machines Laboratory a project focused on industrial problems. Some of the main basic topics are; Reactive power compensation, modeling for losses in transmission lines, examination of transients in the transmission line, investigation of voltage fluctuations and losses in the transmission line, investigation of problems arising in solar and wind energy, investigation of control circuits for overload protection, motor control drivers, PV systems, rectifiers, AC and DC Choppers, Converters, Inverters are topics that can be researched.

In addition, thanks to the "Power Systems and Electrical Machines Laboratory", students will gain practice in the maintenance operations and designs of power systems, electrical machines and renewable energy systems. They will also use this laboratory in their graduation projects. The laboratory will also provide an environment where graduate students can implement advanced projects such as motor controllers, solar energy applications and power electronics applications and provide them with the opportunity to advance their professional experience.


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