Herbarium Techniques Laboratory

“Herbarium” is a collection of plant specimens which are stored and collected for scientific purposes and dried without losing their important features by determining on a carton.  An herbarium created in light with this information is a plant laboratory and a plant museum which will be a fundamental source as a reference documentation center for those who will study various topics regarding Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Genetics, Landscape, Agriculture, Natural and Medical Plants within Universities; can be benefited as a course material in areas where plant genetic sources are provided and in the related courses besides its contribution to science, culture and economy. Üsküdar University Herbarium was founded in 2018 and it contains about 800 medical and natural plant specimens collected as a result of floristic studies by Prof. Memdur Serin within our university.  The Herbarium within our university services the students of Medical and Aromatic Plants Program, Pharmacy Services Programs, Medical Promotion and Marketing within the VSHS and students of Departments of Occupation Therapy and Nutrition and Dietetics within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Microscope (Education and Research)


Tuğba KAMAN, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

VSHS / Health Sciences Institute – Vice Director/ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Head of Program

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Tuğba KAMAN / (0216) 400 22 22 : 5025