Medical Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Medical Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

In our Medical Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory, molecular studies are carried out at the R&D level to determine many biological conditions including diseases and to use these studies for therapeutic purposes. In addition to these studies, molecular studies of postgraduate theses are also carried out openly to all academics in our laboratory. High-level and fully equipped devices are used to perform DNA, RNA and protein-based analyzes. Genotyping studies that can be used to determine the tendency to diseases caused by genetic variations (Polymorism and Mutations), and also, studies and theses to develop molecular diagnostic kits are carried out in our laboratory. In this way, it contributes to our country's 2023 vision by the password of creating a national diagnostic kit.
The most important achievement of the molecular era is the development of Individual-Specific Treatment and Molecular Diagnostic Kits. In this context, it emphasizes the importance of the R&D studies of new test kits, which will strengthen the patient-physician relationship with the studies we have carried out.
Experiments such as DNA, RNA and protein isolations, polymorphism and expression analysis, electrophoresis, PCR and Real-time PCR from tissue samples can be carried out in our laboratory.


Device Type

Device Number

Real Time PCR/ Quanti stution 3 / Thermo Fisher

Biosafety Cabinet/Thermo Scientific

Incubator/Thermo Scientific

Gel Imaging /Fusion FX7-02

Dry Block Heater /Stuart-03SBH130

Orbital Shaker-Incubator Thermo

Spectrophotometer-Elisa Reader /Thermo Multiskan 200-1000nm

Distilled Water Device /Smart2 Pure 3


Horizontal electrophoresis /Thermo


Sensitive Scale/Radwag

pH Meter

Thermo Cycler/Biorad T100

Microwave Oven /Arçelik

-80 Deep Freezer

-20 Deep Freezer/ Uğur

+4 Fridge/ Uğur

Micropipette sets / Eppendorf

Fume hood / Thermo Scientific

Muhsin KONUK, Ph.D

Vice Rector / FENS / Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) / PARGE Director / Head of Molecular Biology Master Program

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Muhsin KONUK / (0216) 400 22 22 : 2403
Tayfun GÖZLER,

Özgeçmiş Tayfun GÖZLER / (0216) 400 2222 : 3049