Radiological Applications Laboratory

Medical imaging methods and devices used in this field aim to examine the internal structure of the body with various techniques and to increase the support offered to the physician. It is possible for medical imaging methods to reach their targets efficiently with the presence of a well-trained team. There is always a need for health personnel who can provide use in parallel with the developing technology in the light of the information they will acquire during the training.
For this purpose, in addition to theoretical training, students are provided with the opportunity to progress simultaneously with field applications and an interactive training in the laboratory. It is used in the application stages of basic department courses such as Radiological Imaging Methods I and II in the curriculum in order to provide information about devices in the Radiological Applications Laboratory in our university. It is used to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of students about Radiological Applications.
In the world of health, it is always aimed to ensure that people benefit from the highest level of opportunities and continue their lives in a healthy way;

Radiological Implementation Laboratory Equipment
SIEMENS Mammomat 1000 Mamografi Simulator Device
Dynamıc X-Ray (DRX FIXED 6) X-Ray Simulator Device

Note: Both simulator devices in the laboratory do not emit any radiation. It has been prepared for educational purposes.

Features of Medical Imaging Technicians
Radiological examinations should be performed with the most appropriate shooting protocols. For this, it is advantageous to have an interest in technical devices, computers and other automation devices. They are expected to be people with a strong sense of responsibility, who can always help people, as there may be work in the form of night and day shifts.

Device Type

Device Number

X-ray Machine



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