Neuromarketing Research Laboratory

Neuromarketing Research Laboratory

Neuroscience and marketing communications as a discipline of nature Nöropazarlama the interaction of Marketing Science major cause of the sector and as preferred, eliminating the results may be misleading to traditional research methods, consumer behavior is actually able to provide what shape it with concrete data. Neuromarketing, EEG (graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain), Eyetracking like art brain imaging tools with the data obtained from the statistical analysis requires expertise, as interpreted in conjunction with marketing and neuroscientist has taken place in the literature as a field of research. Neuromarketing, not only as an area of assist in determining the needs of consumers and elections at the same time is a very precious human biological basis of social behavior, a research platform that allows us to test in real life. Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience techniques to the fields of marketing and decision-making. In the Neuromarketing Research Laboratory, brain scanning, imaging, and other activity measurement devices are used to measure a consumer's unconscious responses to certain products, packaging, advertisements, and other marketing items. Neuroscience can be applied to marketing to understanding the consumer better. It will allow  marketing  researchers  to  have  a  better understanding of the minds of consumers and the role of consumer emotions in decision making.

Neuromarketing Research Practices

Neuromarketing studies, which examine the purchasing perception in detail, as research aimed at finding out which behavior and thought the consumer acts in the light of these data, by studying the psychological and social factors that make up the consumer's behavior through the functioning of the brain circuits. At the same time, neuromarketing also helps to optimize production costs by helping to identify the possible effects on the potential target audience before the products and services are released to the market.

Neuromarketing Research Laboratory Equipment

  • B Alert Mobile EEG (Electroencephalograhy) sistemi
  • Eye Traking, GP3 Gazepoint
  • Facial Coding
  • GSR(Galvanic Skin Responce)
  • iMotions Software and Hardware: iMotions is an integrated analysis platform made to execute human behavior research with high validity. iMotions seamlessly integrates and synchronizes multiple biometric sensors that provide different human insight; such as Eye Tracking, GSR, EEG and Facial Expression Analysis. iMotions funnels all the essential hardware technologies and their respective data into one consistent path for them to work seamlessly together.

Device Type

Device Number

EEG Mobil


EEG Mobil Cap


Eye Tracking Device


Galvanic Skin Response


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