Ppractice Studio

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Practice Studio is located in South Campus. The studio is a field of applied education where students of the Faculty of Communication can use their theoretical knowledge in practice. The practice studio is located on an area of approximately 200 square meters and is equipped for live broadcasting.


The Faculty of Communication Practice Studio is designed with the preference of contemporary equipment in order for our students to know the materials in the sector. With an audience capacity of 50 people, the studio offers an ideal environment for both practice and live broadcasting. In the studio, ‘’School of Emotion with Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Ph.D.’’ is also being shot and this program is watched all over Turkey on the national channel level.

Our students have the opportunity to broadcast at the Practice Studio and observe the professional broadcasts.

Some of the courses taught in the Practice Studio are as follows:

  • Television Programming, I and II
  • Broadcasting and Diction Techniques
  • Thematic Publishing on TV
  • Lighting and Visual Techniques
  • Cinematography
  • Music Video Production
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques
  • Digital Broadcasting Theory and Applications in Television

The Practice Studio also provides the students who will enter the sector to understand how the pace of the studio works and the ability to work with a studio team.

Properties of Practice Studio

The equipment for television production in our Faculty of Communication Practice Studio is as follows:

  • 4 Sony Z-190 Studio Cameras,
  • Tricaster Half-Professional Television Broadcast Desk Station                  
  • Light Board System
  • Prompter
  • CG computer
  • Playout system

In addition, our students are also equipped with equipment suitable for high quality film production such as Sony A7SII, Sony NX-3 cameras, light sets such as KinoFlo LED Panel, and audio units such as Rode Boom Microphone for short films, documentaries and outdoor shooting.

Device                                                                                                     Tale

Playout System                                                                                          1

CG Computer                                                                                             1

Prompter                                                                                                     1

Digital Sound Mixer                                                                                     1

Light Board System                                                                                     1

Tricaster Half-Professional Television Broadcast Desk Station                  1

Sony Z-190 Studio Camera                                                                         4



Device Type

Device Number

Sony Z-190 Studio Camera


Tricaster Half-Professional Television Broadcast Desk Station


Light Board System


Digital Sound Mixer




CG Computer


Playout System


Ihab ELAFF, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

FENS / Computer Engineering / PARGE Director

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Muhammet Çelik,

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