Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

Clinical Neuroscience deals with the basis and mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric diseases. For this reason, basic neuroscience is distinguished from the health condition, because it deals with how the nervous system works in case of illness. In recent years, much research has been done in the field of clinical neuroscience in the world and in order to elucidate the mechanisms of diseases affecting the nervous system in accordance with the results obtained. However, the cause of many nervous system diseases has not yet been fully elucidated. For this reason, the field of clinical neuroscience is still a very viable field of study.

Our Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory currently has contemporary technical equipment that can be compared to other laboratories in the world. In our laboratory, studies on functional neuroimaging, transcranial magnetic and direct stimulation, sleep medicine and electroneurophysiology (EEG, EMG) areas are conducted. Key research areas are Alzheimer's disease and other dementia types, language and memory functions, schizophrenia, mood disorders, substance abuse, attention deficit hyperactivity, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory 400 m2 alana sahiptir.

Device Type

Device Number

SCAN LT 32 Channel EEG device4


Magstim transcranial magnetic stimulation device


Neurocon transcranial direct current stimulator


1.5 Tesla Philips Achieva MRI device


MRI compatible visual, auditory stimulation equipment for FMRI studies

Philips Respironics Sleep EEG (PSG) 32 Channel recorder


sORP device (fMRI trigger device)

Metronic Keypoint EMG device



Faculty of Medicine / Department of Neurology / VSHS / Electroneurophysiology / FHSS / Psychology / GSHS / Head of the Department of Neuroscience

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Barış METİN / (0216) 400 22 22 : 2328