Dialysis Laboratory

With Dialysis program, it is aimed for dialysis program to train technicians for dialysis patients for their kidney failure during pre-treatment, in treatment and post-treatment.
Our students can carry out studies related to the topic under consultancy of expert instructors and according to content of their courses in our dialysis laboratory with aim to contribute to their preclinical knowledge.

Dialysis Laboratory Equipment and Studies

It is a laboratory to organized for students of VSHS Dialysis Program within our university to carry out their applied studies of theorical education they receive during 4 semesters starting from first year with 3 hemodialysis devices capacity.

Device and Material Type

  • Fresenius 4008 S Classic Hemodialysis Device
  • Fresenius 5008 S Hemodialysis Device
  • Fresenius Arter-Ven Set
  • Fresenius SN Arter-Ven Set
  • Fresenius Arter-Ven Needle
  • Fresenius Dialyzer (FİLTRE) FX5-FX8-FX60-FX80-FX100
  • Fresenius Dialysis Solution
  • Bicarbonate Solution Bibag
  • All equipment required for invasive procedure

In Dialysis Laboratory, our students learn all necessary systems of hemodialysis device for a dialysis patient. 

  • Familiarizing with hemodialysis device
  • Leaning alarm system of hemodialysis device
  • Preparing hemodialysis device (placing the device before the session and taking the device out after the session) 
  • Preparing vascular of hemodialysis patient for hemodialysis procedure
  • Preparing medication 
  • Practice of all invasive procedures 

Features a Dialysis Laboratory Technician must have
Candidates who want to be a dialysis technician must have;

  • Loves their profession and human and can empathize, 
  • Friendly and tolerant,
  • Meticulous, patient and neat,
  • Being able to work with ethics,
  • Teamwork,
  • Being interested in mechanic devices,
  • Careful and researching,
  • Following developments, current publications and scientific publications in their occupation, 
  • Who can work with blood and urine samples by being in close contact with patients 

Moreover, candidates of dialysis technicians must not have any situation that prevents to use ear, eyes and hands or any movement restricting disorder, handicap or illness due to the usage of dialysis device and the fact that they must be sensitive to alarms of the device.

Device Type

Device Number

Fresenius 4008 S Classix Hemodiyaliz Makinesi

2 Adet

Fresenius Arter İğnesi

1 Kutu

Fresenius Ven İğnesi

1 Kutu

Fresenius Diyalizör (FİLTRE) FX5

1 Adet

Fresenius Diyalizör (FİLTRE) FX8

1 Adet

Fresenius Diyalizör (FİLTRE) FX60

1 Adet

Fresenius Diyalizör (FİLTRE) FX80

1 Adet

Fresenius Diyalizör (FİLTRE) FX100

1 Adet

Fresenius Arter-Ven Seti

2 Koli

Fresenius SN Arter-Ven Seti

1 Adet

Fresenius Diyaliz Solüsyonu 5 lt.

1 Adet

Bikarbonat Solüsyonu Bibag (Toz bikarbonat)

1 Adet


VSHS / Disabled Care and Rehabilitation – Head of Program / Dialysis / ENMER – Director

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Gönül KİL TETİK / (0216) 400 22 22 : 4010