Biochemistry Laboratory

ests that are requested by clinical physicians are studied with great care and internationally accepted methods and acceptable error boundaries at the NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital Biochemistry Laboratory. Within this understanding, Biochemistry Laboratory services aim to determine diagnosis, follow-up, risk and prognosis are continuing with patient focus with teamwork.

Quality Control Policy

Internal and external quality control applications in the field of clinical laboratories are necessary to obtain accurate and reliable results. In our biochemistry laboratory, internal quality control is absolutely checked for each parameter every day and the reproducibility as well as the reliability of the results are tested. We are also a member of the world's largest participatory programs, CAP (College of American Pathologists), RIQAS, LABPT and QKNEQAS external quality control programs for objectively evaluating the validity of test results.

Joint Commission International (JCI) and ISO also audit us 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, which are independent accreditation bodies that are recognized as an authority in our corporate world. Finally, in March 2018, our JCI audit took place and our accreditation document was renewed with a success rate of 99%.

Our Test Panels

In our biochemistry laboratory, many routine and specific tests are studied with special kits and autonomic analyzers.
The following are the tests groups studied in the Biochemistry laboratory:

- Biochemistry and Electrolyte
- Hormone - Serology
- Tumor markers
- Neuroinflammator panel
- Hematology
- Coagulation
- Urine and Gaita analyzes
- Toxicology analysis
- Drug levels (TDM)

Pharmacogenetic Drug Panel Genetic Test

In the treatment of psychiatric diseases, pharmacogenetic tests are very useful in selecting the treatment of patients and minimizing side effects. Pharmacogenetic tests allow us to optimize individualized treatment for each patient under the light of genetic information. Once the patient is diagnosed, it is possible to start with the pharmacogenetic tests to be carried out based on scientific facts. It is possible to apply the treatment with the most effective, most appropriate dose and with the least side effect with the individualized treatment approaches.

The genetic differences between individuals are very influential on enzymes that allow drugs to be metabolized and removed from the body. The most important enzymes metabolizing drugs used in psychiatry, cardiology and pain therapy are Cytokrom P450 enzymes. Cytochrome enzymes are found in the livers.

The pharmacogenetic drug panel test provides a genetic profile by identifying variations of genes that regulate cytochrome enzymes. As a result of this test, to people receive Turkey’s first pharmacogenetic profile ID Card.

Licensed AMATEM Laboratory

Our Biochemistry Laboratory also has AMATEM laboratory license. Toxicology tests are performed in addictive patients as well as the various risk groups and it is determined whether the person is using addictive substance. Prior to all these tests, samples are taken under surveillance and all processes are recorded. In addition, Turkey’s first accredited toxicology laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation certificate in Üsküdar University Advanced Toxicology and Verification Laboratory through cooperation with LC-MS / MS instrument with advanced toxicology analysis is also performed.

Analytical Performance Criteria

Our purpose as Biochemistry laboratory are to;

- Request the correct test
- Take the correct sample
- Study the correct test
- Deliver the correct result and medicine to the patient.

All of the preanalytical, analytical and post analytical factors that can affect the analytical performance and accuracy of the tests are carefully analyzed and analyzed and the biochemistry specialist doctors approve the results. The samples whose studies are completed and the results have been approved are stored for a long time under suitable conditions, and the possibility of comparing the results with the new samples or the addition of the new test that the physician may request is provided.

Our aims as NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital are to expand our test panel in the light of technological and scientific developments and increase our service quality with educated and qualified cadres.

Biochemistry Laboratory 70 m2 alana sahiptir.

Device Type

Device Number

Tokyo Benaki brand Prestij 24 i model biochemistry autoanalyzer device


+4 C cooler


Biomerieux brand Mini-Vidas model Hormone analyzer


Swelap brand Alfa standard model blood count analyzer


Medica brand Easylyt model electrolyte analyzer


Fume Hood


Bayer brand Clinitek 50 model urine analyzer


Hemocue HbA1C Analyzer


Olympus brand CX21 microscope


Lonica brand distile water device


Hettich Rotofix32 model centrifuge device


Boule brand Mixer 440 mixer


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