Computer Laboratory

Given the development of technology, computers have become an indispensable part of teaching and academic life as well as covering a large part of our lives. Computers are the most important elements of teaching with the advantages of being active in the learning process of learners, teaching vitality and diversity, giving students fast and accurate feedback, increasing the learning speed of students, making it difficult to do physically or in experiments in the classroom.

The Computer Laboratory, located in Üsküdar University Main Campus A Block Floor 3, consists of a highly configured computer, smart board system and network devices built on an area of about 70 m².

Computer Laboratory Intended Use

A student who spends more time in the laboratory will be more effective at developing practices related to the work. Students who implement their projects during their training on real-world problems will gain experience early in the sense of the needs of work life and will be more inclined to obtain relevant experience. With this in mind, Üsküdar University was established to educate students who use Computer Lab.

Apart from Computer Engineering students that use the laboratory, students from other departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bioengineering, Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering and Electrical-Electronics Engineering can also study in the laboratory.

Students can also use the laboratory outside the class hours in the modern building, which has high-speed internet. Graduate students can also study in these laboratories for the intent of thesis studies, projects, researches and practices with their instructors.

Lectures Given in Computer Laboratory

Programs used in programming such as programming, database design, mathematical calculation and modeling, graphic design, electronic circuit simulation are installed at the computers in the lab.

This laboratory is especially used in application development courses such as Programming Languages, Data Structures, Database Systems, Algorithm Design, Computer Networks, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Programming.

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Rüştü UÇAN, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

FHS / Occupational Health and Safety - Head of Department / ÜSGÜMER Director

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Rüştü UÇAN / (0216) 400 22 22 : 4109