Communication Laboratory

Communication Laboratory is one of the laboratories established to provide education on basic and advanced communication techniques and systems to the students of Engineering Faculties and it is also established for or undergraduate, postgraduate students and academicians to carry out their academic studies. Applications of analog communication systems, digital communication and mobile communication courses are carried out in this laboratory.
There are experiment sets required for applications to be examined in detail such as Fourier wave analysis, amplitude, frequency for analog communication, and phase modulation techniques displayed on an oscilloscope.
There are experimental sets on subjects such as sampling theory and applications in digital signals and systems, quantization theorem, PCM, digital baseband transmission, line coding, digital transmission from band-limited channels, digital carrier modulations, multiplexing and multiple access techniques, source coding, channel coding.


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Uğur ÇİNİ, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

FENS / Electrics Electronics Engineering

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Uğur ÇİNİ / (0216) 400 2222 : 2467