TV Studio

Purpose of the TV Studio

Üsküdar University TV Studio located on the fourth floor in the Üsküdar University, Block A.  It is a channel that broadcast 7/24 via the Internet with the name of ÜUTV. It provides an active working space for daily live broadcasts, university events and our students in our university. TV Studio enables students to gain skills such as team-work, being adaptive to changing tempo for our students within our university who will work in the sector. Moreover, TV Studio which meets all the technical requirements by the obtained documentary awards, provides a support for our all students in their projects.

All necessary equipment’s for documentary, short film and TV program shootings are present in the TV Studio of Üsküdar University.

What are in the TV Studio?

TV Studio:
There is a TV studio used for ÜUTV broadcasts. In the studio there are all equipment required by a TV program.

  • 3 JVC live broadcast cameras
  • 1 jimmy jib
  • 1 prompter
  • Studio lights
  • 3 lapel microphones
  • 1 broadcast monitor
  • 4 studio background screens

TV Studio Production Control Room (Régie):

This studio is an area that broadcasts streamed by TV Studio are controlled. Here, last preparations are carried out. 

  • 1 Datavideo Se-2200 vision mixer
  • 1 INGEST recording computer
  • 1 playout broadcast computer
  • 1 CG KJ computer
  • Yamaha sound mixer
  • 1 Multiviewer broadcast monitor



Device Type

Device Number

Multiviewer Broadcast Monitor

Yamaha Sound Mixer

CG KJ Computer


Playout Broadcast Computer


INGEST Recording Computer


Datavideo Se-2200 Vision Mixer


Studio Background Screen


Broadcast Monitor


Lapel Microphones


Studio Lights



Jimmy Jib


JVC Live Broadcast Camera


Ayça TÜRK,

Editing Supervisor

Özgeçmiş Ayça TÜRK / (0216) 400 2222