Advertisement Workshop

Üsküdar University Advertisement Workshop is designed as an open space for all university students and especially the students of the Department of Advertising Design and Communication.

The workshop is a fun application unit that provides an environment for the creation, development and sharing of ideas.

Purpose of Advertisement Workshop

Students have the opportunity to present their theoretical knowledge about advertisement design in a practical way within the scope of the workshop applications. The workshop, which continues its works in the concept of advertising agency; take an active role in creative processes such as advertisement text writing, brief writing, designing 360 degree campaigns, examining advertising types.  The workshop aims to transform creative ideas into practices such as posters, logos and commercials.

Opportunities for Students to Use Advertising Workshop

The Advertisement Workshop has all the equipment necessary for students to participate in projects, events and competitions. Students come together with the faculty members and exchange ideas within the workshop, which is also active outside the semester period. At the same time, the students have the opportunity to closely monitor and evaluate the developments in the advertisement sector.

Envanter eklenmemiş.
Özgül DAĞLI, Ph.D

FC / Chair of Advertising Department

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Özgül DAĞLI / (0216) 400 22 22 : 2982