Video Editing and Coloring Studio

Üsküdar University Video Editing and Coloring Studio has all the necessary equipment for documentary, short film and TV programs that are produced by our students to participate in competitions. Video Editing and Coloring Studio is located in South Campus Block C, on the fourth floor. The studio is sound and light insulated.This way, the right environment for students to do the best sound editing and color is provided.

Productions in Video Editing and Coloring Studio

All the activities related to Üsküdar University, such as seminars, interviews, ceremonies and concerts on or off campus, are shot and edited by the Faculty of Communication students and published on social media channels of Üsküdar University. At the same time, students can make color correction for their medium-length and feature-length projects; record audio for voiceover, and swiftly complete the rendering of their films. Video Editing and Coloring Workshop is also used professionally for video recording and editing works that is carried out with many institutions including ISTKA and Development Agency.

Properties of Video Editing and Coloring Studio

The equipment that our students use for their projects is also provided by the Faculty of Communication. Students who have sufficient camera and editing skills, knowledge of sound and light design can use Video Editing and Coloring Studio to professionally edit their productions.

Device Type

Device Number

Computer Case




Wireless Keyboard + Mouse


Keyboard + Mouse






Student Seat


Director Monitor


Ihab ELAFF, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

FENS / Computer Engineering / PARGE Director

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Ihab ELAFF / (0216) 400 2222
Muhammet Çelik,

Özgeçmiş Muhammet Çelik / (0216) 400 2222 : 1914