Prof. Dr. Talia Bali Aykan Multidisciplinary Laboratory

Our laboratory is located in the NP Campus, Faculty of Medicine of our university. A suitable environment has been built for students to convert their theoretical knowledge into practice. With the help of a camera training microscope and associated imaging systems, their training preparations can be shown to all students at the same time. Afterward, the students reinforce their knowledge in theory as a practical application with the help of preparations in their own binocular microscopes. Medical Pathology application practices are carried out in addition to histology and embryology application practices in the laboratory.

Prof. Dr. Talia Bali Aykan Multidisciplinary Laboratory’s Equipment:

Education Microscope with Camera

Imaging System

Binocular Student’s Microscope

Microscope Cabinet

Chemical Fume Furnace

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Tissue Storage Cabinet

Bio-safety Cabinet

Body Shower and Eye Shower

Histology and Pathology Training Preparations Set

Prof. Dr. Talia Bali Aykan Laboratory is used by the following departments:

Histology and Embryology

Medical Pathology

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Seda Nur AKYOL, MD
Assistant Professor

Faculty of Medicine –Head of Histology and Embryology Department

CV Görüntüle Özgeçmiş Seda Nur AKYOL / (0216) 400 2222 : 3052