Prof. Dr. Sami Zan Anatomy Dissection Laboratory

Most of anatomy educators agree, that there is no educational material to replace the experience gained in cadaver dissection. What is learned in the dissection Hall is quite different and valuable than what can be learned from the best anatomy lesson or book. A medical student dissecting on the real cadaver, will have the privilege of being able to touch and feel the organs and tissues it sees from books or atlases.

Our Uskudar Faculty of Medicine, offers our students one to one dissection opportunity on a real cadaver in a warm and healthy working environment. Our cadavers, which are embalmed and selected with the most of modern methods, are renewed every year for the education of our students.

Our dissection lab is structured not only for anatomy education, but also for clinical related anatomical research and clinical education courses.


In addition to the opportunity for each of our students to make a dissection on a real cadaver, our rich collection of anatomical models provides students with the opportunity to repeat information and work visually independently from cadaver sessions.

Our selected models, which offer the highest quality of detail, create a very valuable opportunity for our students to better understand the structure of the human body, with the ones, that are prepared for the structures, that are difficult to understand apart from the standard models, enlarged or with special cuts.

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Ahmet USTA, MD

Faculty of Medicine (English) / Head of Basic Medical Sciences Department - Head of Anatomy Department / Orthosis - Prosthesis

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