Mehmet Nuri IŞIK,


(0216) 400 2222

Short CV

Mehmet Nuri Işık joined TRT in 1986 as a camera assistant after completing his undergraduate education at Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture. After working in various programs for twelve years, he completed his master's degree in Visual Design at Okayama State University/Japan. When he returned to TRT, M.Nuri IŞIK, who was assigned to the program section, produced from documentary programs to multi-camera productions; he has undertaken the production and directorship of many programs from different fields. Video Design, Multi-Camera Director, Television Production and Directing are the fields of work of Işık. He teaches Advanced Camera Techniques and Studio and Reji Applications at Üsküdar University. M.Nuri IŞIK still continues his duty at TRT.

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Education Status & Academic Titles

Education and Training Activities

  1. Kamera Kullanım Teknikleri, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Bahar)
  2. İleri Kamera Teknikleri, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Güz)