About 7 thousand earthquake victims were housed with the “My Home is your Home Project”

After the great earthquake in our country affecting 10 provinces, many non-governmental organizations develop different projects to help the earthquake victims according to the needs of the earthquake region. Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği (North Star Trabzonspor Supporters Foundation) also launched a Project titled “My Home is your Home” for the victims of the earthquake who lost their homes. They have realized the Internet page www.evimevindir.com”  which gathers volunteer home owners who want to open the door of their home to the earthquake victims. One of the volunteers of the foundation Üsküdar University Department of Advertisement Design and Communication 2020 graduate Seda Cebeci informed on the project they have launched.

They provide a warm harm for the victims of the earthquake through the Internet web site

After the great earthquake disaster, a bridge was established between the earthquake victims who cannot enter their homes and volunteer who want to open doors of theirs home under the leadership of Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği. On the web site prepared by over 100 volunteered young people from different universities and profession, volunteers that open their homes and earthquake victims are matched.

In the cooperation between the technology team and volunteered university students gathering together within the scope of the Project, a mobilization has been launched to create solution for the need of shelter of the earthquake victims via “www.evimevindir.com” within the scope of “My Home is your Home”.

“We are mediators for victims of earthquake in finding a new home”

Üsküdar University “Advertisement Design and Communication” department 2020 graduate Seda Cebeci, who showed great effort for the platform, takes place with volunteered university students in the “My Home is your Home” Project organized by Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği. Expressing that she is a part of the communication team as a volunteer for 7 days with this organization, Cebeci said “I was president of the University Student Supporters of Trabzonspor Club before. After the earthquake disaster, I have met with volunteered university students in Kuzey Yıldızı Trabzonsporlular Derneği and I became a part of the team.”.

Cebeci, who was president of Üsküdar University ÜniTS Club, noted that she is volunteer in the communication and social media activities and they have launched the “My Home is Your Home” Project and in that way, they are meeting the need of shelter for the earthquake victims whose houses were destructed or damaged due to the earthquake. With the Project, Cebeci expressed that they aim to be hope for the earthquake victims and emphasized that they are mediators for the earthquake victims in find a new home.

More than 1500 family, about 7000 people were housed

Thanks to the announcements on the web site through the platform gathering earthquake victims and volunteering opening the doors of their homes together, more than 1500 families, that is, over 7000 people were housed. In a very short period of time, the web site reached more than 1 million people. The project provided a warm house for many people who are earthquake victims thanks to the solidarity and support of the people all around the country.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)