Üsküdar University 2024-2028 Strategic Plan Circular has been prepared

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.44961

Üsküdar University, which is equipped with the principles of libertarianism, pluralism, criticism and participation, has determined its new strategic plan targeting the 5-year period.

The plan, which aims to align the activities of the university with the realities of the society and the country and to transform knowledge into useful products, aims to make a difference with the provision of qualified services rather than a competitive understanding.

Üsküdar University also focuses on elements such as improving quality, internationalization and responding to social needs in its strategic plan.


Üsküdar University's 2024-2028 Strategic Plan Circular, which covers the next 5 years, has been prepared and published.

It is aimed to transform the information produced into useful products, technologies and services

Mission and vision of Üsküdar University, which is a higher education institution that has determined the higher education quality assurance system in line with the principles of libertarianism, pluralism, criticizability and participation, aims to use the resources of the university with a correct and realistic planning in line with the needs, to plan its fields of activity in a way that coincides with the realities of the society and the country, and to transform the information produced into useful products, technology and services.

To achieve these goals in the shortest time and with maximum efficiency, the plan adopting an autonomous university model that is entrepreneurial, competitive, but also interacts with stakeholders on a global scale, is based on the principles of pluralism, participation, libertarianism and criticism, which form the basis of the mission and vision of the university and its establishment in the new five-year period.

Resources will be used effectively, considering priorities...

The fields of activity of the university are determined in line with these basic principles, mission and vision, and it is aimed to develop the effective use of resources by considering the priorities and the accountability responsibility for the process.

According to the plan, Üsküdar University will strive to differentiate itself from other institutions (universities) in a similar field of activity, and instead of a competitive or superiority understanding. It is also aimed to be realized in the form of efforts to be preferred with more qualified service delivery.

Education will be guided in relation to the ethical and moral values of the society

In the strategic plan study of the university, points such as continuous improvement of quality, the ability of scientific production to respond to social needs, the orientation of education in relation to the ethical and moral values of the society, the acceleration of the internationalization process, and the functioning of the course of the university in harmony with the course of the world are also taken into consideration.

The preparation process of Üsküdar University 2024-2028 Strategic Plan was carried out in cooperation with the Strategy Development Coordinatorship, General Secretariat, and Strategy Development Department, which was established under the chairmanship of the Rector, within the scope of the research meetings held. The Strategy Development Coordination Office, in which all other academic and administrative unit managers within the university supported the process, created a Strategic Plan text.


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