The 'Sufi and Music Education Program' ended with the closing concert...


The eight-week "Sufi and Music Education Program", which was organized by Üsküdar University Institute of Sufi Studies and performed by Sufi Music Artist and Choir Conductor Elif Uyar, ended with the closing concert.

In the closing concert, together with the artist Elif Ömür Uyar, Prof. Vasfi Emre Ömür on vocals and Asst. Prof. Dilek Ömür Güldütuna (oud), Afet Gök (oud), Zehra Gemici (kemencha) and Ali Nur Yarar (ney) took part.

The closing concert, which was met with interest by music lovers, was held in the Fuat Sezgin conference hall in the South Campus.

The closing concert was attended by Üsküdar University Institute for Sufi Studies Director Prof. Elif Erhan and one of the Deputy Directors Asst. Prof. Cangüzel Güner, participants and students who completed the program. Within the scope of the "Sufi and Music" Education Program, the third of which has been completed, a total of 120 people, 42 of whom were in this semester, were entitled to receive Participation Certificates.

"We are starting to establish a choir on behalf of our university"

Stating that she was very pleased with the interest shown in the program, Üsküdar University Sufi Studies Institute Director Prof. Elif Erhan said that "These studies will perhaps lead to the establishment of a new Department within our Institute. With the support and efforts of our instructor Elif Ömür Uyar, Emre and Dilek, we set out for a choir on behalf of our University. Once again, we would like to thank our deceased instructor Yusuf Ömür as the living bearers of such a valuable heritage, his children, the eldest of the family, Elif Uyar, our instructor Dilek Güldütuna and our instructors Vasfi Emre Ömür in your presence. We would like to thank you, our esteemed participants, for the interest shown in the Education Program." As the instructor of the Education Program, Elif Ömür Uyar congratulated the participants for their success in the lessons. She stated that they experienced that "Sufi music is healing for the soul" not only in the lyrics of the works but also by living. V. Emre Ömür talked about the position of Sufi music in the tradition, its role in the development of classical music, emphasized the importance of the education program organized by the Institute and emphasized his belief that universities should protect this intangible cultural heritage. He gave a message of support for the studies to be carried out on this subject at the Institute of Sufi Studies.

After the closing concert, a plaque of appreciation was presented to the artists who participated in the night.

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