Prof. Tarhan’s ‘Faith in the Laboratory’ book is on sale in Amazon

Prof. Tarhan’s ‘Faith in the Laboratory’ book is on sale in Amazon
Üsküdar University President Psychiatrist - Author Prof. Nevzat Tarhan has shared his views on faith and science altogether. Prof. Tarhan has a new book after publishing, “Rumi Therapy” called “Faith in the Laboratory” and its English edition is on sale in Prof. Nevzat Tarhan’s book receives great attention in the world’s most selling e-commerce website.

In the English edition of the “Faith in the Laboratory” book, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan examines faith in the laboratory environment and it provides a different perspective in relation to faith and science.  

The book published by Timaş Publications cover the following subjects;

What is the existential purpose of the world?
What is the effect of faith on health?
How is an evidence-based religion?
Can an individual feel both independent and a surrender of the Creator?
Does faith gene exist?
Is religion an obsession?
What kind of a program is the Soul?
What is the relationship between the Soul, Brain and Body?
When does science interfere with religion?
What are the psychological and physiological benefits of praying and worshipping?

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25.09.2018 09:55