PROMER (İstanbul Protein Research Development and Innovation Application and Research Center)



The aim of the center is to provide domestic microbial enzyme production especially for industrial use. According to the statistics of the Turkish Statistical Institute, the budget allocated to the import of enzymes is increasing each year. At this point, it has become necessary to produce the enzymes used in the industry in order to contribute to the national economy by a center to be established in our country and establish the enzyme production infrastructure. Through the established center, it is planned to avoid many problems in this area of Turkey. In the case of establishing a center that produces enzymes from microbial sources in İstanbul, this budget which is allocated to the import of enzymes will remain in our country. In this context, it is expected that İstanbul Protein Research Development and Innovation Center (PROMER) established with the support of İstanbul Development Agency and approved by Higher Education Council (YÖK), will be a pioneer in İstanbul Region and in our country. In this context;

- To establish the institutional capacity in order to increase R & D and innovation work in enterprises,

- In the main food sector where we are almost totally outsourced in terms of enzymes, domestic enzyme production, research of new sources for production, analysis of proteins used as enzymes and additives, creation of new technologies and creation of infrastructure to train qualified personnel in the field,

- To support information and technology transfer in creation of common areas and / or interfaces,

- To establish a common platform where the incubator can meet with students, academics, industry workers and entrepreneurs,

- To raise the quality of life in our country, the innovative practices in urban services should be developed and passed on,

- Through the incubation center, student groups and academicians come together to ensure that the projects are matured and that they can reach the investors and transfer to the industrial sector by conducting R & G work in the laboratories provided by the center,

- To ensure an awareness is established in the sector with the scientific activities and growing number of students meet with the industry.


  • Arrangement of compliance and training seminars for the main staff,
  • Realization of training programs in PROMER laboratory,
  • Identification of sectoral problems with industry negotiations and actualization strategies for solution,
  • Establishment of a platform where the sector will contribute to the negotiations with the academicians and the related students can meet,
  • Bringing industry and academicians together to make meetings,
  • Training and workshops to be organized for the qualified staff in the sector,
  • Bringing together industrial enzymes and protein molecules by following the innovations of industry and academicians,
  • Publication of research results to be carried out in the central laboratory, follow-up of utility model applications and patenting processes.