Speculations about war deepen social crises!

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.48278

Evaluating the speculations on the risk of World War III that have been made over the conflicts, Sociologist Dr. Berat Dağ emphasized the adverse effects of war speculations on social life and the importance of creating alternative social lifestyles against such speculations.

Emphasizing that war speculations create fear and panic on individuals and societies, Research Assistant Berat Dağ, Ph.D. stated that "War rumors can increase migration movements both internally and externally."

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, Research Assistant Berat Dağ, Ph.D. evaluated the recent warnings about the risk of the World War III over the conflicts in the world.

War means the disintegration of social life

Dr. Dağ stated that "The impact of war speculations on society is generally negative because war also means the death of people, the collapse of the economy, the meaninglessness of politics and the fragmentation of social life.” And Dağ added that it is clear that war will cause comprehensive destruction in terms of the individual, society and the state when considered through historical example. Therefore, speculations of war will have no other function than deepening the multifaceted crises that have occurred.

Where do the speculations on war come from?

Underlining that the current crisis may increase even more if the speculations on war originate from invalid and unreliable news, Dağ stated that "Because the spread of these speculations through communication technologies when there is no war agenda will increase the possibility of millions of people becoming distanced from the political, economic and social order in fear and panic."

Speculations on war may increase migration movements

Emphasizing that rumors of war can increase migration movements both internally and externally, Dr. Berat Dağ continued his remarks as follows: "In other words, individuals and communities may try to reach other regions or countries that they think may be less affected by the war in case of war. It is possible to think that the impact of these rumors will be more negative, especially for young people who are at the beginning of their lives. When the future of young people is uncertain within the framework of war rumors, it is likely that they will take action for the possibility of a healthier, freer and more prosperous life. From this point of view, the spread of these and similar speculations constitutes a major obstacle to the continuity of individual, social and political integrity."

Speculations on war are functional for governments in the short term

Expressing that "Speculations on war may be functional for the powers that be in the short term because chauvinism, fear and panic-oriented emotions caused by war speculations can cover up the crises caused by the governments for a moment," Dağ shared his views as follows: "In the history of the world, there are many examples where war speculations are used for individuals, communities and societies to become distanced from their basic needs and come under the domination of the powers. However, it is obvious that these speculations, which are built due to the crisis of social structure and values, will deepen the current crisis in the long run. Because individuals, communities and societies can become masses by approaching themselves and their environment through the impulses of distrust and self-interest, depending on the speculations of war. Therefore, it will be difficult to think and act in a balanced way in the chaos initiated by speculations of war. This points to a clear risk in terms of maintaining a fair, egalitarian, libertarian and solidarity way of feeling, thinking and acting that is based on social structure and values."

Is it possible to have a social lifestyle that will provide an alternative to such speculations?

Emphasizing that it is extremely important to look for ways of a social lifestyle that will create an alternative to such speculations, Berat Dağ stated that "In this context, it is very meaningful to ensure that each child is socialized through certain values through institutions such as family and education. Precisely, it is possible to focus on the critical impact of critical thinking and critical media literacy education. With these trainings, it may be possible for individuals to distinguish between reality and provocation in a cold-blooded and objective manner. Moreover, it is vital that social institutions are built on fundamental values such as peace, multiculturalism, equality and justice. In this way, the possibility of individuals and societies to approach every negative process they encounter in a balanced, critical and holistic manner will increase. When the effect of false, fictional and motivating speculations is reduced, it will be possible to organize a genuine struggle process together with the economically, politically or identity-oppressed peoples."


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)