Occupational therapists who are experts in their field gathered at the "3rd Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices"

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.44891

"3rd Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices" scientific program was held by Üsküdar University Graduate School of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy Master's Program and Music Therapy Application and Research Center (MÜTEM). Occupational therapists who are experts in their fields participated in the program, which was held under the leadership of Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy Prof. Sevda Asqarova.


The online program was attended by OT Özlem Yalçın, OT Zeynep Özdemir, OT Mustafa Sağlıyan, OT Alin Zekiye Tüz, OT Menekşe Yüksel, OT Serap Yigit and OT Emre Erdoğan.

OT Özlem Yalçın: "Occupational therapists should take an active role in the treatment of women"

Making a presentation titled "Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices in Women's Health", OT Özlem Yalçın stated that "Evidence-based occupational therapy practices in women's health are a subspecialty of occupational therapy that is specially planned and applied to various health problems that can be seen in women and covers non-surgical approaches. Occupational therapists working in the field of women's health should evaluate women during their life stages, take an active role in women's therapy, guide occupational therapy students, cooperate with health professionals, educate the society on this issue and encourage research initiatives on this subject."

OT Mustafa Sağlıyan: "An aspect of the idea is the integration of sensory inputs"

Erg, who made his presentation titled "Ideational Praxis in Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy". Mustafa Sağlıyan said that "Ideational Praxis; It has been defined as a concept that involves the idea, planning and revelation of a motor action. In the same way, ideation has been seen as a cognitive function that depends on the integration of sensory inputs and the knowledge of the consequences of possible body movements."

OT Zeynep Özdemir: "As a result of these tests, the cause of the difficulties experienced in daily life can be determined"

In her presentation titled "Tests in Evidence-Based Practices: EASI and SIPT", OT Zeynep Özdemir stated that "The occupational therapist should evaluate the client in detail before starting the intervention. These two tests evaluate the child's sensory systems (vision, hearing, vestibular, proprioception, tactile) and sub-skills related to sensory systems (pattern copying, structure creation, position imitation, ideation, bilateral coordination, sequencing, etc.). As a result of the tests, a graph is obtained, and a comparison can be made with the normative values according to the child's own age group. In this way, the cause of the difficulties experienced in daily life can be determined and intervention can be planned according to the result."

OT Alin Zekiye Tüz: "It plays an active role in the process of homeless individuals re-establishing their own independent life"

OT Alin Zekiye Tüz, who made her presentation titled "Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices in Homeless Individuals", stated that “The phenomenon of homelessness has always existed in the historical process. Homelessness is a problem that affects individuals both locally and globally. Occupational therapists play an active role in the process of reintegrating homeless individuals into society, in the efforts to provide professions to individuals who have lost their profession, and in the process of re-establishing their own independent lives by targeting the participation of affected daily living activities and social skills."

OT Menekşe Yüksel: "Not addressing sexual activity can jeopardize occupational therapy interventions"

Making a presentation titled "The Place and Importance of Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices in the Field of Sexual Health", OT Menekşe Yüksel stated that "Occupational therapists can help them overcome functional limitations and challenges in sexual health experienced by both children and adults. In children, occupational therapists support the development of sexual identity and functions, helping children to get to know their bodies, increase their self-confidence and experience a healthy awareness process about sexuality. Likewise, occupational therapists in adults guide them to cope with problems such as sexual dysfunctions, chronic pain or physical disabilities, to access accurate information about sexual health and to improve their sexual lives with a multidisciplinary approach."

OT Serap Yiğit: "Treatment is planned according to the patient's condition"

In his presentation titled "Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practices in Hemiplegic Individuals", OT Serap Yiğit stated that "Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Applications in Hemiplegia begin with the evaluation of mental state functions, speech and language, cranial nerve function disorders, motor and sensory disorders, balance-coordination or posture problems in hemiplegic individuals. According to the results of the evaluation, the most suitable form of therapy for the individual is selected from applications such as mirror therapy, virtual reality, robotic rehabilitation and Bobath approach, and Occupational Therapy intervention is started.”

OT Emre Erdoğan: "We aim to maximize the quality of life of individuals"

OT Emre Erdoğan, who made his presentation titled "Occupational Therapy Applications in People with Brugada Syndrome", stated that "Occupational therapists in individuals with cardiopulmonary disease plays an important role and duties in supporting activities of everyday living, increasing their quality of life and increasing their environmental participation, providing social and spiritual support, increasing the educational participation of individuals, and supporting cognitive skills. It also supports individuals in vocational rehabilitation in order to facilitate their return-to-work life."

Presentations were evaluated in detail

After the end of the presentations, Üsküdar University, Graduate School of Health Sciences Department of Occupational Therapy Head Prof. Sevda Asqarova evaluated the presentations in detail with occupational therapists.



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