Important names came together at the 'All Aspects of Child Health Congress'...


Üsküdar University Üsküdar Scientific Research Society (ÜSKÜBAT) organized the "Congress in All Aspects: Child Health" program under the leadership of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. In the symposium attended by academicians and specialist physicians from different universities, child health was discussed in all aspects.

The congress held by Üsküdar University Scientific Research Society was held in the Faculty of Health Sciences İbni Sina Auditorium.

On the first day of the two-day congress, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Haydar Sur gave a speech titled 'Pediatrics and Health Dimension of Public Health'.

Prof. Haydar Sur: "We need to invest in children"

Emphasizing the importance of children's health and explaining childhood, Prof. Haydar Sur stated that "Children's health is very important. The stage of life that a person goes through from birth to his eighteenth birthday is called childhood. It is possible to divide this eighteen-year period into some sub-periods in our evaluation of the development process in terms of the human body and soul and mind. Infancy, play-age children, school-age children and adolescence are classified into four main subgroups. This is the case in medicine; however, there are much more distinctive classifications. For example, you can examine infancy in ten groups. Children are different from adults. If we know these differences, we will become more effective in our profession if our approach to the child is different from our approach to the adult, whether we are going to be a physician or a child development specialist, or a midwife or a nurse. If health is not considered enough during childhood, if you say that the child eventually grows up struggling along, the child will suffer when they reach the age of thirty or forty. You have to invest in the child."

"It is necessary to approach according to the realities of each country"

Underlining that health interventions or poor health conditions have effects that can spread over a very long time, Sur stated that "We should not think of it as short-term because that is how public health professionals see it. Considering and not considering what public health problems are, what kind of action to take on them, what not to do to them differ according to different societies and cultures. What is considered a disease in some cultures is considered natural in some cultures. It is necessary to approach according to the realities of each country. Children's bodies are different from adults. Their mental state is also different. This is so important that a health profession has been created just for these two. The good development of today's children, who are the most important future determinants of public health, means the emergence of healthy generations in the future. Children are more likely to get sick. Those who get sick become seriously ill. Children's ability to protect themselves in injury is not yet developed. They breathe more air per kilogram of body weight than adults. They need to grow.”

On the first day of the two-day congress, İstanbul University Prof. Bülent Bayraktar made A presentation titled 'Sports in Child Development'. Memorial Hospital Pediatrics Prof. Rukiye Nurten Eken Ömeroğlu made A presentation titled 'Acute Rheumatic Fever'. İstanbul University Prof. Erbuğ Keskin made a presentation titled 'Female and Male Circumcision', and İstanbul Allergy Specialist Dr. Gizem Atakul made a presentation titled 'Infant and Asthma in Children'.

Then, Ankara Müjdegül Weakoglu Karaca Clinic and Ankara Op. Dr. Meltem Aksu Clinic organized a panel under the titles of 'Sexual Organ Development and HPV Transfer from Mother to Baby'.

Prof. Murat Salim Tokaç and Prof. Haydar Sur performed a music concert at the congress.

Istanbul University Prof. Nevzat Alkan and İpek Biter Gündüz Law Firm Attorney İpek Biter Gündüz held an interview on 'Child Neglect and Abuse in Forensic Cases'. Private Cosmodent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Dr. Nida Hüroğlu shared her presentation titled 'Approach to Children in Oral and Dental Care' with the participants. Then, after the social program that took place outside the school, the first day of the congress ended.

Prof. Nurper Ülküer: "The first 7 years are very important for child development"

On the second day of the congress, Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Head of Child Development Department Prof. Nurper Ülküer made a presentation titled 'WHO Criteria in Primary Health Systems and Early Childhood Development'. Pointing out that child development is a serious issue and what child development specialists want to do is to establish a good communication between the parent and the child, Ülküer said that "What we want to do is to have a good communication between the parent and the child. Child development is a serious matter. We tell good stories, we always emphasize the importance of child development, but gradually this subject has become more serious and scientific. When we talk about the holistic development of the child, all children have the right to the best possible start in life, physically healthy, mentally alert, socially competent, emotionally positive and able to learn. We are talking about a development process that brings all these features together. The first 7 years are very important for child development. Negative experiences and traumas have a significant impact on the brain. Stress affects brain development and the development of synapses in the brain. In general, there are 3 types of stress, one is normal stress, that is, beneficial stress. Exam stress is a useful stress. You will hear that stress so that you will study. The second stress is bearable, but it may not have much effect on brain development and damage. The third is toxic stress, stresses that persist for a very long time create toxic stress and affect brain development."

Then, Medipol University Instructor Uğur Tutku shared the presentation titled 'Fairy Tale Therapy in Adolescents and Children' with the participants. Cerrahpaşa University Specialist Dr. Hülya Bingöl Çağlayan made the presentation titled 'ADHD and Treatment', and Elit İstanbul Medical Center Specialist Dr. Murat Palabıyık made the presentation titled 'Childhood Vaccines and Immunization'. Within the scope of the program, Medical Park Hospital Prof. İrfan Serdar Arda shared the presentation titled 'Undescended Testicle', Memorial Hospital Assoc. Prof. Elif Söbü shared the presentation titled 'Diabetes in Children', and Prof. Ahmet Akçay shared the presentation titled 'Food Allergy in Children' with the participants.

After the Q&A and plaque presentation, a group photo was taken. Later, the speakers and participants visited the fair area opened by the students. The work done by the students was highly appreciated.

Within the scope of the symposium, workshops on different topics were also held.

In the workshops, arious games were played, competitions were held and the participants had a full workshop.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)