“Solve the crimes” with Forensic Science

Üsküdar University Forensic Science Complex offers future forensic scientists to practice and apply their knowledge in the field. Students are trained under the leadership of Prof. Sevil Atasoy in the complex which is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment that are complied with international standards. Various devices are found in the Complex such as, DNA analysis devices, devices equipped with the latest technology used for document review and signature as located in Turkey, so the comparison microscope is needed for ballistic weapons that science education.

Üsküdar University’s Forensic Science Complex, which is the first fully equipped complex of its field in Turkey, trains forensic science experts of the future. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Forensic Sciences and Institute of Forensic Sciences graduate students have the opportunity to bring academic knowledge and practice together in the Forensic Sciences Complex.

Forensic science education led by Prof. Sevil Atasoy

Under the leadership of Üsküdar University Vice Rector and Director of the Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences Prof. Sevil Atasoy, the students have the opportunity to practice in the fields of forensic sciences such as crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, ballistic investigation, soil analysis, forged signature in laboratories equipped with the latest technology in Turkey's first bachelor's degree in forensic science.

Forensic Sciences undergraduate education started at Üsküdar University for the first time

Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that criminalists who graduated from forensic sciences are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills ranging from crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, ballistics to soil analysis, writing and signature to digital evidence. She continued “In this way, the gradutaes can serve in the best way in official or private institutions that examine evidence from domestic and abroad, and they can serve as experts. Graduates of the department can also complete the master's and doctoral programs offered by our university. Forensic Sciences undergraduate education has been provided for years in universities around the world. For the first time in our country, forensic sciences undergraduate courses are offered at international standards in classrooms and laboratories equipped at Üsküdar University. Prof. Sevil Atasoy indicated that work opportunities for the graduates of the Forensic Science undergraduate program are very wide. In addition to official institutions such as the Forensic Medicine Institution, graduates can work in private and public institutions that determine whether a purse or shoe from a water analysis is a real brand or a fake.

Profession that is never outdated

Prof. Sevil Atasoy remarked that Forensic Sciences is a profession that will never go out of fashion. She continued as, “As long as mankind exists, crime will always be there, and experts who will enlighten the crime and distinguish between the real criminal and the innocent will always be required. Even if robots do many things in the future, these robots will commit crimes at some point. In this case, are we going to punish the robot or the ones who made the software? Given this scenario, the courts will surely fall and then experts such as experts of forensic sciences, will step in.”

Education from associate degree to doctorate… 

Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated that they offer applied education in the Forensic Sciences undergraduate program. She said, “In addition to theoretical knowledge in forensic sciences, the most important part is application training. We have prepared a very serious infrastructure. Such education does not exist even in the world. We are very assertive about this. We offer training in the Forensic Science Complex from associate degree to doctorate. For example, in addition to this current training in assisting autopsy, we also teach evidence collection and crime scene investigation. We have a separate building. We have very important laboratories in this building. Here we will have all kinds of devices to conduct analysis of DNA, two or three for a document review in Turkey, devices equipped with the latest technology used for signature analysis, ballistics that comparison microscopes are required for weapons science education and microscopes to compare insects.”

Negotiations with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences are ongoing

In terms of accreditation Prof. Sevil Atasoy said that she had meetings with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, which is the only institution that accredited forensic science education in the world. She continued as, “In addition to this, we are working with Los Angeles Police Criminal and Sheriff Criminal for our students who will be passing to fourth grade in order for our students to gain experience with them.”

Experts should be trained to get rid of dependence on foreign states

Prof. Sevil Atasoy said that the training of experts of forensic science is an important factor in getting rid of external dependence in the field of forensic science. She continued with the following remarks, “The professionals who will work in the forensic sciences will not be satisfied with the transfer of information and technology from developed countries and technologies, need to be trained accordingly as the technological developments are closely monitored by the illegal forces, the boundaries have been abolished, the criminals do not recognize the borders, and the illegal forces are closely monitored.”

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)