TÜFAM (Turkish World Philosophy Researches Application and Research Center)


To establish rapport and business alliance between the leading philosophy, science and culture areas with the most important centers of Turkish Islamic science such as Tashkent, Buhara, Ashkabat, Samarkand, Khorasan, Baku, Almaty, Meraga, Tabriz, Turkistan, Kazan, Bahçesaray, Skopje, Sarajevo, Kardzhali, Urfa, Kayseri, Bursa and İstanbul.
To contribute to the discovery of the daily, philosophical, scientific and cultural heritage of the Turkish World’s past.
To develop common strategies in the fields of philosophy science and education in the Turkish world and culture area.


The Center conducts the :
a) To carry out and support education, research and implementation activities in line with the objectives of the Center.
b) To organize congresses, symposiums, workshops, panels, seminars and conferences related to the field.
c) To generate academic journals, books and similar publications about the field.
d) To organize seminars, conferences, television programs and similar activities for the publicity of the activities of the Center outside the University and inform the public.
e) To support students, educators, professionals and institutions who will undertake research and investigation studies.
f) To work together with national and international organizations in line with the objectives of the Center.
g) To provide research, examination, consultancy and similar services to the public and private sector institutions and organizations in the scope of the Center's work field.
h) To conduct other studies that are appropriate for the center's purposes..
i) To develop, implement and contribute research and review programs in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and other faculties and departments of the University to produce the knowledge needed by students studying in the field of philosophy, science and education in the undergraduate or graduate program and in international academic institutions and the academicians conducting this field research.