The Senate Decision on the Spring Semester

Dear Members,

In line with the announcement by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE), the following changes have been made by the Senate of our University only for the spring semester of the 2022-2023 academic year as of 03.04.2023.

1. With the distance education application currently being implemented, face-to-face education can be given to our students in the classrooms without any attendance obligation,

2. How the courses to be given will be decided and specified in the course program by the relevant academic units and to specify them in the course programs,

3. While planning, some courses can be given face-to-face and online in a hybrid manner via live broadcast in the classroom environment, and some courses can be given completely online or offline,

4. The restriction that "maximum 30% of the courses in a semester according to the ECTS credits in Article 6 of the ‘Procedures and Principles Regarding Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions’ in force can be given via distance education" is not implemented in the 2022-2023 Academic Spring Semester,

5. The "applications of the courses" which were postponed to April will be carried out as homework, projects, etc. within the Spring Semester and will be implemented face-to-face in the summer period or in the next academic year by the relevant academic units, and it will be announced to the students,

6.Midterm exams in the spring semester will be implemented online with distance education methods based on the principle of "transparency and auditability",

7. 20% of weighted midterm exam grades and 80% of weighted final and make-up exam grades will be applied.

8. In the evaluations to be made, open-ended or multiple choice online exams, assignments, online quizzes, projects, Learning Management System (LMS) activities, LMS usage analytics and similar applications can be used,

9. After the midterm exams, the Senate of our University will evaluate when and how the exams such as the final exams of the semester, make-up exam and single course exam will be held,

10. Thesis monitoring in graduate programs, when and how the proficiency exams will be held are determined by the directorates of the institute and will be announced to the students,

11. Regarding Foreign language preparatory class and TÖMER exams as in other units, the Senate of our University will evaluate how the proficiency exam will be held later, and the module exams will be held online with distance education methods based on the principle of "transparency and auditability",

It was decided unanimously in the meeting held by the Üsküdar University Senate on Friday March 31, 2023

Kindly announced to all of our members.

Üsküdar University Presidency